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Updated date: 12/08/2022

If you are not living in Argentina and need to execute a power of attorney to be presented before Argentine authorities, you may request a Power of Attorney at your nearest consular office.

However, if unable to appear in person at the Consulate or unable to wait for an appointment, or if requirements are not met, you may sign your Power of Attorney before a local Notary Public and legalise it through an Apostille issued by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office for it to be valid in Argentina. You may also be requested to submit a certified translation of the Power of Attorney. 

Executing a POA at the Consulate:

- The grantor must be over 18 years old and can only request the document in person at this Consulate.

- The grantor will receive a notarial certified copy (called ‘Testimonio’) the same day of the appointment or some days later. However, the valid Testimonio will be a digitally signed copy we will send via email the same day of the appointment or some days later, which can be directly forwarded to the interested party in Argentina, without having to post anything or request further legalisations.



To book an appointment, please, upload the documents below to a link and share it with Please, do NOT attach them to emails.

1) Scanned copy of the grantor’s Argentine DNI (only card IDs with address in the UK are accepted), if Argentine, regardless of any other nationalities they hold, or valid passport, if foreigner.

In case of holding old DNI, DNI with an address other than in the UK, or no DNI at all, grantors will have to apply for a new one before being able to execute the POA. Please, request an appointment at

Grantors must bring the original ID on the day of the appointment.

2. Proof of address in the UK, if the current address in the UK is not the one on the DNI.

3. The draft of the document/power of attorney produced by an Argentine notary public, in a WORD file, formatted as it would normally appear in a Notarial Record.  

4. Information form. Please, download the file at the bottom of this page and fill in the information requested.

Once we receive the requested information and we confirm it is correct, we will add you to a waiting list and eventually contact you to book an appointment. 


Should you have further questions please contact us on 

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