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Certification of commercial documents

Updated date: 22/06/2016

Commercial legalisations

Certificates of origin and other commercial documents

The certificate of origin needs to be legalised by the Consular representations in the country of origin of the goods when exporting to Argentina.

The consignor shown on the certificate must be a company based in the United Kingdom, whereas the consignee must be a company based in Argentina.  The certificate must include the invoice number. The origin of the goods must be from a country of the European Union.

The certificate must be previously legalised by the corresponding local Chamber of Commerce; the Consulate must have a copy of the signature representing that Chamber of Commerce.

If the Certificate of origin is issued in another country related to goods being re-exported from the United Kingdom to Argentina; the original or duplicate copy can be legalised. The exporter to Argentina must write one affidavit at the back of the certificate. The exporter needs to include the contact details of the importer in Argentina, date, invoice number by which the merchandise was bought in the country of origin and the quantity of merchandise stated in the Certificate of origin re-exported to Argentina.

Invoices can only be intervened with a Visto.

There are two ways to carry out the procedure:

In person:

The agent needs to come to the Consulate with his ID (passport or driving license) and the original documents to be legalise from Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 13hs. In order to process the documents you must pay via debit card. The procedure can take up to 5 working days.

By post:

The Consular fee must be paid via bank transfer, please detail the name of the company as a reference. Prices and bank account details must be requested by mail at

Please send us by post the documents to be legalised, proof of the bank transfer, the Consignor’s passport or driver licence photocopy (this is only for internal admin reasons and it is not going to show anywhere in the certificate), a self – addressed and stamped envelope (first class, special delivery, etc. as you prefer) and a brief cover letter specifying which service is requested.  Without these requirements we cannot process your documents.
We can only issue the certificate once the payment is cleared into our account.

Due to internal admin reasons we cannot make refunds. If there is an error on the payment, you can use the difference as a credit in the future.

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