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Certificate of Criminal Records

Updated date: 12/07/2023

Certificate of Criminal Records

Remote modalities and an in-person alternative are provided to process your Certificate of Criminal Records from the Argentine Republic.

ONLINE PROCEDURE - Entering the website of the National Registry of Recurrence [RNR as per the Spanish acronym of “Registro Nacional de Reincidencia”] (Argentina):

If you have a bank account in the Argentine Republic and / or tax code, you can choose to process the certificate remotely. All the information can be found in the following link:



If you do not have a bank account in Argentina and cannot process your tax code, you may choose the in-person option at the Consulate:

The certificate of investigation of Criminal Records is issued by the National Registry of Recurrence of Argentina, at the request of the interested party and to carry out various procedures locally.

In this type of procedure, the interested party submits the application at the RNR website and completes the procedure personally at the Consulate, where the biometric data will be collected. It is processed with a prior appointment granted by email. Read the following information carefully:


I. - The interested party must initiate the application process by filling in the date requested in the following section of the RNR website:

In the ‘Document’ field, the interested party must indicate the same identity document that will be presented at the Consulate to continue with the procedure. In addition, it is extremely important to enter correctly the requested email address, as it will be used by the RNR to send the payment receipt and - subsequently- the Certificate of Criminal Records.

Once all the required fields have been completed, the system will generate the request (in PDF format). The interested party must print the said application.


On the same RNR website, and after obtaining the application, the interested party must make the corresponding payment at the beginning of the process: ARS (Argentine pesos) $700. This payment can only be made online, with a Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card, from anywhere in the world and with any cardholder.

IMPORTANT: the payment of this fee must inevitably be made by credit card. The fee cannot be paid with a debit card. The payment receipt will be sent by the RNR to the email address indicated in the application. The interested party must print the aforementioned receipt.

NOTICE: payment receipts other than those issued by the RNR shall not be accepted during the application generation process (for example, bank or card transaction receipts will not be accepted).


Once the online application and payment have been made through the RNR website, the interested party must appear at the Consulate to conclude this application, taking into account the following requirements:

• It is a personal procedure, with a prior appointment granted by email. In order to make an appointment, you must send an email to and attach the procedure application and the payment receipt.

• On the day of the appointment, you have to pay a fee with a Visa or MasterCard debit card.

• The applicant must present in all cases:

Original, valid and current identity document from his / her country of origin (the same one indicated in the application form), preferably with a fingerprint and in good condition.

Legible photocopy of the identity document mentioned above.

Printing of the application (see point I, above).

Printing payment receipt of the ARS 700 fee (see point II, above).

The consular officer will check that the data included in the application correspond to those of the documentation presented by the interested party, and will proceed to take fingerprints. Once the procedure is concluded, the interested party will be given a receipt of the procedure. The National Registry of Recurrence will process the application and send the Criminal Record Certificate to the interested party, in PDF format and with electronic signature, to the email address indicated in the application form.

If it shall be submitted to the British authorities, it is necessary that the Criminal Record Certificate issued by the RNR has the Apostille of the Hague Convention.

Although the Argentine consular offices do not have the powers to issue Apostilles, the interested parties may request from this Representation the procedure to have the apostille duly certified before the Argentinean Chancellery [“Cancillería Argentina”].

Applicants who require the above mentioned procedure must indicate it to the officer at the time of fingerprinting at the offices of this Consulate General, and pay the corresponding consular fees for the whole procedure and the Apostille services. The Apostille -in electronic format- will be sent to the applicant's email.

Those interested may also get the apostille of their Criminal Record Certificate on their own, requesting it from the Argentinean Chancellery through the remote procedures platform [TAD as per the Spanish acronym of “Trámites a Distancia”]: / services / apostille-legalize...


If you have any questions about this procedure, please contact us via email at the following address:


The identity document indicated by the interested party at the time of filling out the application form must be original, valid and current from their country of origin.

Consequently, all Argentine citizens must process their Certificate of Criminal Records using their Argentine nationality, and must present original and current Argentine documentation. Applications in which Argentine citizens identify themselves with documentation corresponding to another nationality will not be processed.


Anyone can request a Criminal Record Certificate before an Argentine consular office, whether they are Argentine citizens or foreigners, and regardless of their place of residence or if they have ever resided in the Argentine Republic.

In the case of foreigners, a valid and current document must be presented, as so detailed hereinbelow:

      • Foreigners belonging to the MERCOSUR member countries and associated states: identity document, identity card, passport.

     • Foreigners from extra-MERCOSUR countries: passport.

In the event that the foreigner requesting his/her Criminal Record Certificate had been the holder of an Argentine identity document for foreigners, it is not necessary to use the said document for the application. Any other valid and current nationality document can be presented, taking into account what is stated in the previous paragraph. In any case, it is essential that the presented document matches the data indicated at the time of completing the application.


Criminal Record Certificates are not issued to minors under 16 years of age. If the applicant is between 16 and 18 years old and is not emancipated, he or she must be accompanied by his/her father, mother or guardian -who must present the National Identity Document or passport- and his/her Birth Certificate, Marriage Register Book or legal instrument that proves guardianship over the minor. Whoever accompanies the minor must make their authorization in writing on the application form.


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