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Updated date: 07/10/2022

Who has the right to acquire the Argentine nationality? 

The right to acquire the Argentine nationality only applies to children born abroad to an Argentine father or mother (regardless of being native or by choice), no matter their age, even when the Argentine parent has passed away.  

Argentine nationality for children born to Argentine parents by choice

This procedure is different to the one followed for children of native Argentine parents. If your parents are NOT native Argentinians, but Argentinian by choice, please contact the Notary office:

Dual or multiple nationality

It is not a requirement to give up (renounce to) another nationality to acquire the Argentine nationality by choice. However, losing or keeping the foreign nationality will depend on the laws effective in the country concerned and we suggest contacting the respective authorities.

Where can I apply for the nationality?

You can apply from the Argentine Consulate corresponding to your place of residence or you can apply directly in Argentina.

For people who were born abroad but NOT in the United Kingdom, please contact:


Appointments should be requested by email, sending a link where documents must be uploaded following the format: scanned coloured copies (not pictures) in PDF files, 1 (one) document per file of the documents listed below (in total 5 or 6 PDF files should be attached, depending on whether the interested party holds or not an ID). Should a document be printed on both sides or on more than one page, everything should be scanned into the same file, with as many pages as necessary. Please, do NOT attach the documents to the email, only upload them to a link

To avoid bounced emails due to the attachments, you can share the required documents through a link.

1. Original birth certificate of the Argentine parent transferring the nationality to their child

To obtain the Argentine birth certificate, please visit

2. Original birth certificate “long form” of the minor/person interested in acquiring the nationality, which must be certified with an Apostille. You can obtain an Apostille on

The British birth certificate will not be returned as it is filed in the Civil Registry Book.

Please, make sure that the parents’ names appearing on the British birth certificate are identical to the ones appearing on their Argentine DNI or Passport in the case of foreign parents. Otherwise, an amendment should be requested to the corresponding Civil Registry.

3. Translation of the British birth certificate (the translation does NOT need an Apostille). You can find translation templates at the bottom of this page (if your certificate is a little old and does not match the template exactly, you can request another template).

4. DNI of both parents. In case one is not Argentinian, please submit an ID card or passport. Only DNI in card format with address in the UK is accepted for Argentine parents (regardless of any other nationalities they may have). Only when the interested party is over 18, and their parents do not live in the UK, can they submit their parent's ID showing another address.

If any Argentine parent does not hold an ID showing an address in the UK, they must apply for a new ID on the day of the appointment.

5. An ID/passport of the interested party, if any.

How can I book an appointment?

The interested party or the parents should upload the documents above in the specified format to a link of your preference (free of passwords) and notify

You will be added to a waiting list and eventually assigned two appointments once the documents have been checked.

What happens on the day of appointment?

Two appointments are allocated, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon of the same day.

For the first appointment, you will need to bring the ORIGINAL documents and execute a Notarial Record to acquire/transfer the Argentine nationality.

If the interested party is under 18, both parents should be present with the child.

If the interested party is over 18, there is no need for the parents to attend the appointment.

The second appointment is to apply for the first Argentine DNI, for which we will take a picture and the fingerprints. In the case of minors, they should be accompanied by one parent at least.

In normal situations, it takes 6-8 weeks for the DNI to arrive at the Consulate from Argentina. Only children between 0 and 13 years of age, inclusive, can apply for a biometric passport on the same day. Anyone aged 14 or older can only apply for it after receiving the DNI.


Once you have acquired the Argentine Citizenship and applied for the DNI, you will be given an interim Argentine Birth Certificate. The definitive Birth Certificate will arrive at the Consulate once the interested party has been registered in the Central Civil Registry in Buenos Aires, which can take some months.

Should you have any queries regarding the Argentine Citizenship please do not hesitate to contact us via e mail to

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