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Work Visa

Updated date: 09/09/2022


This type of visa is intended for foreigners residing within our jurisdiction and who hold a contract of employment in Argentina for a period of up to one year, or are employed by a foreign company transferred from a local subsidiary to Argentina.

Applications for these type of visas may be started either by the Argentine-based company at Dirección Nacional de Migraciones (DNM) in Argentina, or by theapplicant at the Consulate General.

Applications submitted directly to the Consulate General require further verifications with DNM prior to issuing the visas, which may take several weeks or even months.

If the process starts in Argentina an entry permit must be requested by the future employer to DNM. When the application is authorised, the DNM uploads the entry permit to the visa system. Once the applicants know that the entry permit procedure has been completed, only then can they contact us to book an appointment.


- Original application form FVS (hand-written with black ink and to be signed the day of the appointment).

- Passport or travel document (it must be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the intended date of entry and have at least two free pages to stamp the visa)

- UK visa or residency card (if applicable)

- 2 (TWO) current passport photos (full front view, colour with white background)

- Original work contract signed by the employer in Argentina and legalised by a Notary Public, Colegio de escribanos and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Argentina. It must state the employer’s RENURE number.  (The applicant must sign the contract on the day of the appointment)

- Affidavit of international criminal records (to be signed in front of the Consul). 

- Original certificate of good conduct issued by the relevant authorities of the country or countries where the applicant has resided for at least one year during the last three (3) years, legalized with The Hague Convention Apostille. Certificates have to be issued no more than 3 months before the appointment. Must also be translated into Spanish by an official translator from one of these associations. From the United Kingdom it has to be the ACRO certificate.- 

- Proof of applicant´s profession: original degree/certificate/credential legalized with Apostille of The Hague and translated into Spanish by an official translator from one of these associations.

- For those being transferred the same company, original letter of introduction of the applicant by the company in the UK requesting the visa, (legalized with The Hague Convention Apostille and translated into Spanish by an official translator from one of these associations).

- Proof of payment of Tasa de Migraciones (in those cases where the process starts at the Consulate).


The Consul can request the applicant to provide additional information.

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