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Entry of pets into Argentina

Updated date: 23/09/2011

Entry of pets into Argentina

General Information

SENASA is the organism of the Argentine Republic in charge of the regulations to travel abroad and to enter into Argentina with pets (dogs and cats).

The sanitary certificate to be submitted must ensure that the identified animal was examined within 10 (ten) days prior to departure without showing clinic symptoms of a disease typical of its species.


The animals meeting all the requirements established by the “Import Regulations for Cats and Dogs” will not be subject to import quarantine. If it is suspected of being affected with a disease, either infectious or contagious zoonotic or of high risk for the Argentine Republic, the personnel of the Service will arrange the necessary means to ensure its isolation and/or the corresponding quarantine measures.


It is suggested to legalise all the UK documentation to be submitted in Argentina, with the Apostille at the British Legalisation Office, Foreign & Commonwealth Office and translate them into Spanish.

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