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Authorisations for minors to travel

Updated date: 13/01/2022

Authorisations for minors to travel

Who needs an authorisation to travel?

Authorisations to travel are requested to Argentinian minors or minors with residence in Argentina (any kind of residence, regardless of their nationality) leaving the country either alone or with one parent only.

You can contact the Migrations Office to check whether you need an authorisation (Venia de viaje) on Kindly specify who is travelling, relationship with the minor, the minor’s age, place of residence and passport used for the trip.

Information about minors leaving Argentina:

Information about minors entering Argentina:


Should you need an authorisation, please send an email to requesting an appointment, mentioning the date of the trip (if any) and sending a link where the documents below must be uploaded. Please, do NOT attach the documents to the email, only upload them to a link.

1. DNI of the minor, both parents and the authorised person (passports or foreign documents are only accepted for non-Argentinians)
2. The child’s original birth certificate (if Argentinian, only Argentine birth certificates are accepted)
3. Address, phone and email of both parents and the authorised person (in written on the message)


In addition, please indicate in written whereas the authorisation to travel should be valid:
a) until becoming of age or until a specific date (state which)
b) to travel from Argentina to every country or to specific countries (state which)
c) to authorise both parents (both should sign) or to authorise only one parent (the other one should sign)
d) for the child to travel only with the authorised person o for the child to travel on their own and/or in company of the authorised person


On the day of the appointment the parent/s granting the authorisation should bring all the original documents above. The Venia will be valid only once we send via email a digitally signed copy of the document.

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